The research, technology and applications behind AltanaESP Network & System Developments


SASCEC’s vision is to stand as a shining and trusting example of ways to respect and develop the limitless versatile human spirit that could create a better world for us all. A world that reflects sound ethical values, offering ample opportunities to make a difference in life and an established climate that will encourage and allow each individual’s to successfully embark on a fulfilling self-empowerment (self-exploration) and psyche management (self-development) quest (i.e. to regain purpose and meaning in life). Therefore….

SASCEC’s vision is to develop, provide and sustain “tools” (e.g. the AltanaESP Network and System) that can be deployed to guide and facilitating a process allowing individuals to become an empowered generalist-specialist and an independent-team player.

This may seem like quite a utopian vision and a simplified solution for the many complexities of our modern society, ….Is it really that simple?… Not quite, therefore the philosophy and intent supporting the vision at SASCEC, is NOT to replace an empty mind with facts and knowledge (teaching people technical skills)… BUT to replace a closed mind (restrictive mind-set) with an open mind (flexible and accommodating mind set), able to productively deal with change.

Thus, the vision of SASCEC is to develop “tools and procedures” that can be applied to enhance the elective skills of individuals, that primarily focus and support the human functionality of data collection, processing the data to become information, and the application of such processed data (information) as a guideline or basis to direct a person’s future choices and actions.

SASCEC’s vision in essence, is therefore: To develop, establish and maintain a support or guidance infra structure that will provide an opportunity for individuals to regain self-empowerment, psyche management strategies and enhance their elective, rather than technical skills. A shift in focus from process oriented results (skills) to a support and actively promote climate oriented results (i.e. self-empowerment and psyche management).

There is presently more than enough universities, organization, institutions, schools, colleges, …etc. to take care of technical skills and, at SASCEC, we rather leave it to the specialist (already in the field), to prepare learners for the technical demand and requirements of a future life and workplace. However, only a limited few, actually focus on elective (life) skills enabling a learner to function efficiently and productively in life and the present work place. Thus, the reason for the extension of SASCEC’s vision, to also assist and support the many different institutions of learning to enhance their primary focus on technical skills, to include elective skills as well.

Provide them with the “tools and mechanisms” to prepare all individuals to accept the challenges of a future work place with the necessary confidence and enthusiasm, that would make out great country a superb country. This may seem like an impossible vision to accomplish, BUT REMEMBER, people are natural born learners and problem solvers that could overcome insurmountable odds and obstacles.

SASCEC’s vision is also include the utilization of modern technology to provide the necessary assistance and infra structure, to allow each person already dealing with human development activities (e.g. parents, teachers, lecturers, HR-officers, …etc.) to continue with future facilitation as cheaply, practically and cost efficiently as possible. Allowing them to assist, support and guide as many individuals as humanly possible, without jeopardizing individuality and quality of assistance rendered.

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