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The mission of SASCEC is to attract an ever-increasing number of like-minded people, who seek to deliver a positive contribution to both their own lives and those around them. People who embrace SASCEC’s fundamental or basic culture (climate) of turning a one’s present life of survival and struggle into a meaningful journey of harmonious interaction to gain a purpose in life, firmly believing in helping (self-empower & psyche management) oneself first before attempting to help others, and who will give meaning to our present vision characterized by …don’t try and change the world…, just make a lasting difference! Therefore…..

AS A COMPANY SASCEC’s MISSION is to enriching individual human performance and restore enthusiasm and energy levels for living. Thus, SASCEC attempts to establish an infra structure (virtual life/career centres) based on a closer cooperation and integration between education, training and present workplace requirements and demands (i.e. becoming a responsible and functional adult).

To actively promote a wider acceptance and implementation of interactive educational-training methodologies, allowing individuals to learn through implementation and the gaining of relevant experiences through their successes and mistakes. IN ESSENCE: To promote and encourage the principles of learning through implementation, life-long, focused and cooperative learning.

SASCEC’s mission is to promote, support and extent a learning/working culture (climate) in our society, based on an acceptance of individual responsibility within group accountability, supported by the hidden agenda of establishing positive interactive relationships amongst people (interdependency), based on the fuelling mechanisms of mutual trust, respect, loyalty, cooperativeness and the acceptance of human diversities.

SASCEC’s actions to achieve the stated mission (establishment of a tolerant society) is to establish an electronic communication and information structure that would be easily available, widespread and making provision for the needs of individual’s in their quest for personal self-empowerment and psyche management quests.

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