The research, technology and applications behind AltanaESP Network & System Developments


SASCEC’s goal is to provide as many individuals as possible with the necessary access to information or procedures to plan, compile and develop their OWN and unique individualized Life Development Plans (LDP) or destiny, and fine-tune their existing Skills Development Strategies (SDS) as stemming from an accountable (reliable and valid) Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats analysis (SWOT-analysis).

In order to achieve this goal, SASCEC continues with a well founded Research and Development process (R&D) regarding…

  • …the coordination, expansion and development of an electronic supported communication system (virtual life/career centres) allowing individuals to formulate a sound LDP as a focus for an accountable SDS.
  • …the development and maintenance of cybernetic based learning, assessment and training aids, focusing specifically on a SWOT-analysis to enhance the individual’s awareness of the many human competencies, potential and energy levels on this beautiful planet of ours.
  • …the development of an innovative, effective and integrated information (communication) structure to allow as many individuals as possible to participate and collect relevant and up-to-date information that could guide and assist a person in his/her quest to establish purpose and meaning in his/her life (promoting and encouraging spirituality).
  • …research to keep all processes and activities in relation to the demands of an ever changing world, some legislative requirements and in line with the human consciousness (mind-set) shift presently noticeable. This mind-set change is quite noticeable in the pressing manner with which people start to question the validity of existing social structures, present believes and accepted truths.
  • …the development and construction of appropriate elective materials such as: videos, workshops, pamphlets, books, working documents, assessment tools, supporting and guiding programs that caters for specific needs of an individual.
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