Secondary Services

Mastering of Skills, Abilities and Competencies

Due to certain events and circumstances in the past, it may happen that an individual is unable to realize his/her potential and acquire the needed skills, demanded by modern society. It would be quite difficult, if not impossible, to design one’s future with certain vital skills lacking. Therefore, attention is given to the basic skills of learning and mastering to enhance and extend competency levels. Possible competency facilitation activities may deal with…
•       Verbal reasoning abilities;
•       Analytical intellectual capacity;
•       Basic numeric manipulations;
•       Language (reading writing and vocabulary) abilities;
•       Manual skills;
•       Memory (long- and short term);
•       Comprehension-, understanding- and insight capacity;
•       Logical thinking;
•       Visual awareness; …etc.

However, when the lack of skills are more technical in nature, the individual is referred to specialists dealing specifically with that particular skills area, e.g. Mathematics, Science, Languages (Afrikaans/English), Mastering of technology (computer), Application and use of computer programs, different school subjects, …etc.

There are plenty and such a wide variety of needs that can be experienced by any individual, that it would be presumptuous of AltanaESP & SASCEC to assume that all the needs of all people, can be suitably catered for by one Network and System. That is why the basic AltanaESP facilitation, support- and/or guidance goal is to assist and direct an individual by actively encourage self-empowerment, psyche management and self-help strategies, and when the assistance of specialist are required, to coordinate and manage such referrals.

Updated: 12 December, 2014 — 2:41 pm