Secondary Services

Learning and Data Processing Orientation

The potential which a person have, can only be optimized, when s/he prepare him/herself by using existing opportunities to learn and gain the necessary experiences. Preparation in this case primarily focus on study activities to optimize learning experiences. Using the identified needs of an individual as a guideline, attention could be paid to…

  • Effective reading-, listening-, vocabulary- and writing skills;
  • Memorizing techniques;
  • Apply associations;
  • Enhance comprehension and understanding;
  • Classification (grouping) skills;
  • Arrange, systematize (logic) and common sense as learning strategies;
  • Learning intentionality such as thinking, critical reasoning, seeking of relations and summarizing of the learning materials;
  • Scheduling and efficient use of time;
  • Compiling summaries in terms of contents-, complete- (underlining), schematic- and index summaries;
  • Group studies, planning of tasks and assignments as preparation for exams or tests.

The above implies that any learning-, study- or training problem should be investigated, analyzed, monitored, evaluated and corrected when necessary using the above parameters as guidelines. This may allow the individual to expand his/her existing learning/studying strategies, encouraged learning through implementation, focused learning, life-long and co-operative learning.

Updated: 12 December, 2014 — 2:41 pm