Secondary Services

Life and Coping Skills

Life (i.e. self-empowerment and process) and coping (i.e. psyche management and climate) skills, techniques or action models refers to the identification and the addressing of possible stumbling blocks (imbalances) that may be present and that could impair the progress (optimal development/growth) of the individual. The major goal of facilitation is to prepare a person for his/her future life in a preventative manner.

In facilitating both life and coping skill, a facilitator should consider certain aspects such as: A poor self-image, a reluctance to accept responsibility, poor time management, procrastination, inability to focus, underachievement, poor decision-making strategies, …etc. However, when the stumbling block is the result of a deep-rooted problem, e.g.  depression, anxiety, marital conflicts, assault, sexual abuse, …etc., the individual should be referred to specialists in that particular field of expertise. When the root or underlying problem(s) is addressed and become manageable, the individual should be assisted to overcome the initial identified stumbling block to prevent reappearance thereof in the future.

Updated: 12 December, 2014 — 2:41 pm