The research, technology and applications behind AltanaESP Network & System Developments

Service Objectives

SASCEC, through the AltanaESP Network and System, strive to establish an effective and efficient facilitation and guidance infra structure, accessible for most people. Allowing an opportunity for everyone to independently explore different points of view and a variety of perspectives. A strive to create, establish and maintain a “virtual environment” to “explore“, “discover” and “experiment” with different ideas (opinions) and ultimately allowing an individual to take responsibility for his/her own choices made.

In this manner the quality of life, the economic or emotional well-being and the unique contribution of each person can be refined, revised, amended, actualized and/or elevated, by him/herself. Because both the primary and secondary service objective can only be achieved through accountable guidance and/or facilitation activities, the following are key objectives directing all facilitation/coaching activities…

  • Guidance and/or Facilitation procedures should accommodate an involvement in terms of the cognitive or intellectual (mind), the affective or feeling (emotions), the normative or values (priorities) and the conative or will (motivation), as required by the dynamics of the individual. Such a holistic approach (body, mind and soul) should ultimately culminate in a Philosophy of Life, that directs a status/role integration via an accountable ethos, as the foundation for functional and efficient environmental interactions. Thus, assisting and facilitating an individual as a totality in function, continuously interacting with his/her environment.
  • To allow the actualization of potential within the constraint and/or parameters of an individual’s circumstances. The areas addressed in this regard is basic realization of potential (survival/procedures philosophy), a group/team realization of potential (power/emotional philosophy) and ultimately an actualizing or self-empowerment realization of potential (holistic/spiritual philosophy). The expected or envisioned outcome is: Allow all participating individuals to contribute actively to the greater good of man in general, and to establish a more purposeful and meaningful life for him/herself in particular.
  • The Time, Cost and Performance aspects is based on time and energy (input) spend to achieve an effective outcome (result of intervention) and how well intervention resulted in establishing an improved interaction amongst participants involved (cooperation, coordination and co-creation).

The primary objective of SASCEC, using the AltanaESP Network and System program as delivery structures, is to enhance and improve the potential of each individual (self-empowerment), within the framework of his/her unique situatedness and to encourage or promote a harmonious interaction with his/her environment and the people around him/her (psyche management).

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