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Ensuring that all services, under the auspices of SASCEC – as rendered within the AltanaESP Network and System – are always of an excellent standard and superior quality, certain principles (Code of Ethics) should be honoured, at all times, regardless the kind of support or assistance rendered to clients. Any kind of assessment or type of facilitation under the auspices and co-ordination of SASCEC, should always comply to the following…

  • Requests (problems) raised by clients should be used as the starting point for services rendered, and any extension of, or addition to, the original request, is always subjected to the preceding approval of the person or person(s) concerned.
  • Decisions about further or future involvement and duration of an assistance, are to be determined by the clients him/her/themselves and continuing facilitation, coaching, guiding or support activities, should respect such a decision made. Whilst ensuring (when requested), an efficient and accountable delivering of services, within the existing choice (decision) framework of the client.
  • Under NO circumstances does the facilitator accept any responsibility on behalf of the client and the rendering of services are always subject to the limitations and parameters as set by the client. When decisions, made by the client, are obviously to his/her/their disadvantage, the facilitator should bring this to his/her/their immediate attention, but such like “persuasion” depends on information collected from interactions up to now… BUT the final choice remains the responsibility and privilege of the client.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of services should be done on an ongoing and regular basis in order to ensure accurate, relevant, reliable and valid feedback (progressive information flow) to the client. In this manner the client is always kept up to date and the necessary corrective actions can be initiated, when and if necessary. This will allow the client to take informed, responsible and accountable decisions.
  • All personnel functioning within the AltanaESP Network, that result in direct client guidance, should always view their involvement as only temporary in nature. In essence independent and adequate client behaviour (action models) should be encourage, ensured and established as soon as possible. In this way clients are subtly “forced” to function independently, as quickly as possible, without the constant supervision of a facilitator.
  • The key aim of the AltanaESP Network an System, with the active co-operation of clients, is to develop activities and/or challenges to allow the client to gain experience, as a forerunner for future independent functioning in his/her circumstances and context.
  • Client requests or services rendered should – at all times – be dealt with as a totality of events (affective, cognitive, normative and conative, i.e. body, mind and soul trinity) allowing the individual to establish and/or regain efficient self-empowerment (self-control) and psyche management strategies within his/her unique circumstances.
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