The research, technology and applications behind AltanaESP Network & System Developments


When implementing the AltanaESP Network and System, certain formulated principles act as basic guidelines, to ensure an efficient implementation of facilitation procedures and manifestation of the AltanaESP support structures. When the following principles are absent, it might happen that all mistakes made in the past, could repeat itself again, although in a different context, however.

Thus, in developing, implementing and applying the AltanaESP structure when facilitating individual quests for self-empowerment, one has to concentrate on…

  • THE AIM is to prepare all individuals in the process of establishing life and career development strategies, to meet the challenges and demands of the present and future world of work …and life in general…, as self-empowered individuals, with the necessary confidence and a level of emotional maturity to cope with the pressures of modern day living.
  • THE GOAL is to keep the facilitation/coaching network (facilitation, assessment and feedback) procedures and interactions as efficient, practical, economical and relevant as possible, with regards to present and future needs of participants.
  • THE STRIVE is to keep duplication to an absolute minimum via effective cooperation and coordination activities, amongst all players involved.
  • THE OUTCOME is to ensure that life and career orientation services are assessable and affordable for all people, requiring and in need of such facilitation services.


Without formulated aims, the AltanaESP System could become irrelevant in future and to ensure that developing the program is economical, relevant and applicable to all, one need to implement the program in as many places as possible. This would reduce program development costs, per user and ultimately, the costs of facilitation services to the individual. Apart from assisting individuals to actualize their individual potential, once the network is “widely” operational and deployed, the following is likely to occur…

  • ACTUALIZING of  human potential and energy by means of an accountable life and career orientation program for all people (specifically youths) in South Africa. When people are prepared and motivated for the job market (work fitness) ECONOMIC GROWTH can evolved, developed, be promoted and extended. This could give rise to an enhancement in terms of the QUALITY OF LIFE for all citizens in South Africa.
  • Manpower (people) is the fundamental source of any economic activity, therefore the AltanaESP Network need to contribute in a responsible manner to the differentiated MANPOWER requirements of South Africa. Once manpower needs are addressed responsibly, it could limit unnecessary CAREER CHANGES.

To achieve the above aims, are far easier said than done. However, when a coordinated and supported infra structure exists to provide in the diverse INFORMATIONAL needs of INDIVIDUALS, the set goals could to a large extend be achieved. The Altana system need to improved the utilization of AVAILABLE TECHNOLOGY in order to increase the efficiency and quality of services by means of a structured information flow (self- and career knowledge). Thus, to develop programs (INFRA STRUCTURE) to create modules to enhance forums, discussion session, training and employment opportunities or programs. The above is most likely to achieve the following…

  • Actualize individual potential within a group/team context.
  • Promote economic growth, sourcing from productivity.
  • Improve quality of life.
  • Contributions to manpower needs are accommodated.
  • Limit costly career changes.
  • Individualized information and self-empowerment.
  • Limit duplication of efforts and services.
  • Beneficial application of technology for human resources development.

An accountable, responsible and effective AltanaESP Assessment and Facilitation structure could improve the quality of life for all South Africans, because they could be assisted (through facilitation) to actualize their potential and to deliver a meaningful contribution to the country’s manpower needs. This implies that noticeable economic growth could be quite likely in the end.


Technology (mainly computers/internet) forms the primary “vehicle” for the AltanaESP Network, based on an efficient structuring of relevant career and life orientation data. Thus, enable the specialist, facilitator or coach to responsibly, successfully and accountably facilitate an individual in making a career decision and in his/her quest to regain control, meaning and purpose in life. In order to accommodate the general aims of the Altana program, one need to focus on specific aims such as…

  • Formulating a primary or basic system (generic models) to establish minimum standards and to assist all people to achieve such standards, also to identified standards as minimum requirements to achieve WORK/LIFE FITNESS (technical competencies and process results).
  • Formulating a secondary system (contents differentiated generic models) flexible enough to accommodate individual differences (e.g. sex, age, race, previous experience, etc.) to ensure that each unique individual could be assisted within his/her specific situatedness. This implies an identification and support for individual ACHIEVEMENT FITNESS (elective competencies and climate results).
  • Enhancing existing services of FACILITATORS and SPECIALISTS to allow for a dynamic life and career orientation program that could keep up with possible changes and requirements of an ever changing job market and world at large, by promoting and encouraging life-long learning, co-operative learning and learning through implementation.

In essence the result, when using the AltanaESP Network of services, is to provide self-empowerment and psyche management guidelines to any given individual. Such guidelines focus mainly on the how of performing a task and secondly on the manner (way) in which a task needs to be done. When this basic methodology principle are upheld within the AltanaESP System, we should be able to improve the productivity of a future work force.

Thus, the specific aim of the Altana system are to assist individuals with formulating a Career Development Plan and Skills Development Strategy to meet the demands of the job market and future requirements, but the different aspects needed to accomplish this aim, are many, detailed and varied and required time and effort supported by a lot of patience.

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