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Service Outcomes

Expected outcomes or results, acts as a logical and envisioned conclusion for intended life and career orientation facilitation or coaching services offered by the AltanaESP Network and System, it provide the motivation for participation and justify the need to render the required support.

The primary Altana orientation outcomes (goals) illustrate why specific and purposeful facilitation, coaching or orientation activities are needed, otherwise it can easily end up as developing theories and principles, without any practical value for any individual what so ever to.

The essential goals, underlining all facilitation activities, is to provide answers to the following…

  • SOCIAL SKILLS AND RELATIONS: All jobs require contact with other people to a greater or lesser extent. Therefore, one has to determine to what extend people contact (social skills) is to be considered for a future life and career strategy. Social skills (communications and relations) can vary from emotional-individual oriented contact to formal-group orientated contact.
  • PRACTICAL INVOLVEMENT: A person need to work with his/her hands in order to achieve something. Therefore, it must be determined in which manner the individual wants to work with his/her hands in future. Practical involvement can vary from practical-technical (physically, materialistic) orientated involvement to theoretical-development (spiritual, creative) orientated involvement.
  • TAKING OF RISKS: It is a sure fact that a person is going to take certain risks when s/he function within a work environment. Considering what can be expected and how to deal with possible risks within the working environments is essential. Risks in working environments can vary from a secure-routine orientated environment to a risk-initiative orientated environments.

Regardless what kind of information, at what stage or to whom it is supplied, the following essential questions act as directives for the rendering of services to participating individuals with the purpose to answer some of the following critical questions in their quest for self-empowerment and to establish a healthy psyche management strategy…

  • WHAT? What is… questions provide answers on questions such as: What is happening in the job market?; What to prepare oneself for?; What to expect in the future? …etc.
  • WHY? Providing answers to why… questions such as: Why is an opportunity applicable?; Why should one venture into a particular direction?; Why should one use/don’t use present opportunities? …etc.
  • HOW? Providing answers to how… questions such as: How to make optimal use of opportunities; How to plan for the future; How to identify relevant possibilities; How take decisions; How to manage self-development; …etc.
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