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A philosophy of Life is one of the aspects of human existence that protects individuality, uniqueness and diversity and under no circumstances should any one or anybody interfere or judge our Philosophy of Life as either acceptable or unacceptable and correct or incorrect, especially when based on some snobbish and arrogant view or perspective of life.

Although nobody should ever take the liberty of judging others, it is generally accepted that a Philosophy of Life directs and governs our choices and action (ethos), and when such actions (stemming from a philosophy of life) is being damaging to other people, we should condemn such action and could address such shortcomings within our Philosophy of Life. However, extreme caution and care must be exercise to maintain the delicate balance between restoring and judging a person’s philosophy of life, because a Philosophy of Life is the steering mechanism of our life’s and forms the basis on which the we build our self-esteem and act as a basis for self-empowerment and psyche management.

At SASCEC, we maintain the deepest respect for a person’s Philosophy of Life, regardless our own convictions. However, a Philosophy of Life forms such an integral part of human existence, that it cannot be ignored, when assistance is rendered to a person. To some extent a facilitator is obliged to influence and directs an individual’s philosophy of life, through setting an example (act as a model) for harmonious interactions with the world and not to judge, directly influence or attempt to control another person’s Philosophy of Life by creating a restrictive perspective (close-mind) and efficient mind prison.

This implies that certain fundamentals should be noticeable as part of our Philosophy of Life and when absent, needs to be addressed by the facilitator and restored, if and when possible. Such Philosophy of Life fundamentals, held dear by SASCEC, and when absent, tends to harm relations in general is…

  • The golden rule of life: Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you.
  • Labour belongs to the order of creation and you cannot expect any success/compensation without the required effort, action and performance.
  • Labour is no sin, but the manner in which people labour e.g. effortlessness, work shyness, egocentricity, materialism, …etc. are inappropriate.
  • Labour isn’t damned and you should maintain a healthy balance between labour and leisure.
  • Joys of labour is not only in what you can achieve or accomplish, but also the contribution to enhance the lives of your fellow man.
  • The person that labours diligently can, with right, claim remuneration for his/her efforts.
  • Use talents to the best of your ability to serve mankind and create opportunities for others to also become self-empowered and the best person that you could be.
  • Labour is a service to the world as a whole and people should reign over the order of creation through their labour to conserve and protect it for future generations.

THUS, a more simplified philosophical approach to life…


…not worry, I will trust.

…do my best in every task I carry out.

…be thankful and count my many blessing.

…not get angry, I will be at peace.

…will respect all creation.

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