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Fundamental Principles

Fundamenta Principles is at the foundation of and directing research and development activities within SASCEC.

When SASCEC research and development activities, are founded on a trial-and-error basis, a real danger exist that an unjustified eclectic- or multi disciplinary approach may develop, and cause facilitation to become a superficial and illusive support system to individuals. This will undermine the quality of services rendered to individuals and degrade assessment and facilitation to be a mere quantifying (statistical) oriented process. This could easily result in unjustifiable categorizing of individuals, with little or no benefit to any individual using such services and/or theĀ  “tools” developed or provided.

Thus, to ensure that allĀ  services, under the auspices of SASCEC, are of the highest possible standard and benefit to individuals, it is necessary to develop an efficient balance between quantitative, qualitative and cumulative program components. Such a balance will ensure that the reliability, justification and accountability of services remain intact. Therefore, it is essential that specific fundamental principles are identified and strictly adhere too, and that such principles directs and guide all research, development and facilitation activities under the wider SASCEC umbrella.

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