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The Owner do not make and representation whatsoever about any information accessed either on, or by virtue of any links from the respective websites, because in compiling the contents The Owner have relied on information provided by third parties. Accordingly it is a matter for you to satisfy yourself as to the suitability of any information, products and/or service found directly or indirectly through any website within the AltanaESP Pty Ltd Network or System.

You acknowledge that the Internet or The Owner’s Systems, services or equipment may from time to time be inoperative in full or in part as a consequence of, but not limited to, mechanical breakdown, maintenance, hardware and/or software upgrades, telecommunications connectivity problems, electricity load shedding or other factors beyond the control of The Owner, and you acknowledge that The Owner will not be held liable for any failure or inability to provide continious, error free and uninterrupted services under these circumstances.

Updated: 5 August, 2015 — 11:50 am