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Security Measures in Place

At SASCEC we understand that individuals are concerned about the manner in which the AltanaESP System collects, store, share, handle and deal with personal, private and sensitive information. The online/Internet environment is notorious for hacking, identity theft, spamming, exploiting, misusing of data, …etc. Therefore, any person – rightly so – will be reluctant to unconditionally enter any personal and/or sensitive information on any website… including AltanaESP Pty Ltd and the affiliated AltanaCommunity, AltanaMonitor, AltanaAcademy, AltanaCorporate, AltanaWatchdog websites and IdeaReef forum platform.

For SASCEC and AltanaESP Pty Ltd (i.e. all websites and blogs starting with www.altana…) security is of the highest priority. The AltanaESP Pty Ltd server is protected 24/7 with the most recent and up-to-date security measures, from encryption, secure logins to various anti-spam, anti-virus and bot or spider filtering software. All these defences are employed in combination, to ensure that no unauthorized person, web spider, bot, crawler or harvester can gain access to personal data and/or information.

The AltanaESP Network and System is responsible to secure and protect all personal data of Network participants and System users. Providingof course – that each AltanaESP participant or user protect and keep his/her own password(s) secure and safe. When AltanaESP participants are careless with their passwords, the AltanaESP Pty Ltd Network and System can no longer warrants, nor protect or accept responsibility for the privacy and/or the securing of personal information.

When participants and/or users are negligent with their passwords, that could result in the bridging and compromising of the privacy and security of personal data, SASCEC undertake – when notified – to immediately put mechanisms in place to limit the damage caused by unauthorized access and take the necessary steps to prevent a continuation thereof. However, SASCEC and AltanaESP Pty Ltd accepts no liability whatsoever for damage causes in the case of security bridging, when such a security bridge was caused as a result of password negligence by Network participants and/or System users.

When an AltanaESP Pty Ltd Network participant and/or System user is negligent with his/her password, ONLY the personal data and information linked to that specific username and password combination, is compromised. The security measures employed by SASCEC to safeguard personal data, are deployed in such a way that access granted by a specific username and password combination, is limited to particular information and sections of data. In the event that a username and password combination “fall into the wrong hands” and when notified in time, the access and privilege for that username and password combination can be blocked immediately and system privileges can be reset using a different username and password combination. When doing so, the availability, operations and functions for other AltanaESP Network participants and System users are “business as usual“.

Updated: 11 December, 2014 — 11:21 pm
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