Membership Guidelines

Anyone (regardless age, gender, religion or creed) is welcome to join the AltanaESP Network, System or any online/offline organization under the auspices of SASCEC, providing that s/he can…

  1. …accept the principles underlying the Disclaimer.
  2. …respect, comply and support the…
  3. …actually benefit from the applications, programs, activities and/or processes offered by the AltanaESP Network and System.
  4. …and are willing to contribute to the various services, activities and/or platforms of the AltanaESP Network and System, at least once a year.
  5. …take and accept individual responsibility within the parameters of group accountability.

Any individual that is willing to observe, respect, sustain and abide by the above, will be allowed to join the AltanaESP Network and System as a client, participant, member, user, locksmith, coach, material provider, …etc.

Unfortunately, regardless the many protective efforts and security measures put in place by AltanaESP Pty Ltd, AltanaWatchdog and SASCEC, there are still those individuals that may abuse and misuse what are offered by the AltanaESP Network and System’s interactive/contributing methodology. The latter, by far, is the minority in any Network and/or System context… but when not controlled or left unchecked, could totally contaminate the good standing of any Network or System.

Therefore, all AltanaESP Network Members, Service Participants and System Users are required to register and login, before making use of any interactive service and/or applications within the AltanaESP Network and System. In this way there is some control over who is doing what in the Network and System, and when they breach SASCEC “gentleman’s agreement” can be removed and suspended or locked out of the network and system completely.

On the other hand, visitors and/or guests to the AltanaESP Network and System only have limited access and are restricted to interact with the network or system. Visitors and Guests, are confined to mainly complete and submit registration, request and/or query forms.

SASCEC – and by implication also the AltanaESP System and Network – comply to the COPPA legislation (USA) and the EU Cookie Law (Europe), NOT because we have to, but we regard it as healthy practice to follow, which helps to ensure and maintain the privacy and security of personal details collected and recorded within the AltanaESP Network and System.

With accepting COPPA and the EU Cookie Law as privacy/security guidelines, comes a certain level of responsibility that is expected from Network Members and System Users. This implies that SASCEC (and by implication AltanaESP Pty Ltd) will set a minimum age as a requirement to register for network services and/or system application on the individual’s own accord and responsibility.

Should the individual be younger than the required minimum age for that particular service or application, s/he could still register with the AltanaESP Network and System, providing that s/he request ether his/her parents or guardian to complete and submit a service consent form in which permission is granted for him/her to participate in the network service or use the system application.

The consent form procedure, isn’t a foolproof procedure and will not root out all evil… but, at least, it provides SASCEC (and AltanaWatchdog) with a “fighting chance” to act against people that wish to misuse or abuse the AltanaESP Network and System to their own benefit.

Updated: 15 December, 2014 — 5:31 pm