The research, technology and applications behind AltanaESP Network & System Developments

Basic SASCEC Assumption

Conclusion & Final Hypothesis

Based on the provided statistics, we have to accept – whether we disagree or like it or not – that the human component is the single most important contributing factor to both the success (85%) and/or failure (90%) of any endeavour.

All activities, procedures and processes within the AltanaESP Networksupported by the AltanaESP System and under the auspices of SASCEC – are fundamentally focused on accommodating and nourishing the human element (i.e attitudes, inclinations and the climate) which will allow for productive activities, i.e. SMART actions and SMARTER habits.

Thus, the key principle and basic assumption underlying the AltanaESP Network and System synchronicity, is to establish and sustain a knowledge base and idea repository for those individuals already aware of and authentically understands the importance of the human element for successes in the future.

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