Basic SASCEC Assumption


The AltanaESP Network and AltanaESP System were mainly developed as a reference platform, a knowledge base and Future Shock idea repository for those people that are interested in enhancing their present circumstances, understand that personal development is essential for growth and wish to actively contribute by sharing experiences, knowledge and information to make the world just a little bit more bearable and human friendly than it is at the present moment.

Therefore, the AltanaESP Network & System are structured based on the key principle (basic assumption), that all visitors to the AltanaESP Pty Ltd website (portal to the AltanaESP Network & System) already realize and understand that… any society, family, community, team, group, institution, organization or company’s competitive edge is its people.

It is no longer quality products, technological systems, automated processes, expertise, consultants and marketing (presently regarded as a given), BUT how the organization can live up to service expectations (i.e. individual needs) and able to meet modern day challenges (i.e. rapid changing arena and future shock confrontations) through the enthusiastic and loyal participation and/or contribution of “mature” individuals working together (i.e cooperating and co-creating) for a common goal or collectively functioning productively within a institution, company or organization.

The primary reason why the above assumption act as the baseline for developing the AltanaESP Pty Ltd website – serving as a launching platform for the AltanaESP Network and AltanaESP System – is the result of statistics collected from a number of risk analysis projects (freely available on the Internet via a Google search).

The purpose of providing the following statistical indicators, is to highlight the factor(s) – in the order of the most contributing factor to the least contributing factor – which are liable for either the success or failure of any institutions, company, organization, community, society or team.