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Research Perspective

The research trap that needs to be avoided at all cost by SASCEC, is to establish a research process of identifying “new” words, terms or concepts for “old” problems and hope that the original problem will, either become less complicated – or when “research” continues long enough – that the problem will ultimately disappear or, to redefine the problem in terms of a new stipulations. In this manner the illusion is sustained that the problem is “effectively solve“, without actually doing something constructively.

For example: When there is a problem with unemployment, through research, redefine the concept and label it “economical deprived people” or, when we have a problem with unskilled and illiterate workers, research and rename them “educational disadvantaged people“. In cases like these, it is quite remarkable how the problems of unemployment and unskilled/illiterate workers “disappear” amongst research results, statistics and definitions.

Based on the above statement and for clarity purposes, it is necessary to define the term FACILITATION. The definition act as a directive to interpret research findings, results and formulated hypothesis. Counselling, in it self is a concept or term that can easily be used as a “catch phrase“, resulting in the frequent use of the term, without really considering and taking into account the dynamics and/or context of the situation.

For the purpose of research and to maintain a realistic point of view, FACILITATION is defined as the comprehensive orientation of an individual regarding his/her past experiences, present circumstances and future strategies addressing an individual’s problems, rather than to focus on the problem itself and analyzing it in minute detail. Therefore, to supply information to an individual, facilitate (i.e. coach) the customized process of life and/or career preparation, as realistically as possible. Thus, enabling an individual to make his/her own life and career decision (based on the freedom of choice), undertook the required preparations (establish a self-actualizing strategy) and accept the responsibility to successfully ensue a future life and career path (i.e. exercising a free will, manifesting responsibly within the parameters of group accountability).

The above definition of facilitation primarily concentrates on Life and Career Counselings, because our careers is a way of life, and not just a mere way of spending our time as an adult to earn a paycheck. It is therefore obvious, that no matter what the present counselling problems are referred to as; the core of the problem is… Provide useful individualized information and facilitate the individual in such a manner, that s/he could make a responsible and accountable life and career decision, that would gradually result in optimal self actualization (self-empowerment and psyche management) in the long run.

Facilitation, in this context, should allow an individual – through appropriate facilitation, coaching and guidance – to become a self-sufficient and empowered individual with a healthy or balanced attitude (mind-set) that would enhance problem solving activities (i.e. troubleshooting) through the application of an effective psyche management strategy.

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