The research, technology and applications behind AltanaESP Network & System Developments

Research Hypothesis

The intent of the hypothesis as formulated using applied research as a bases, are to address facilitation and guidance problems or obstacles as presently experienced and to direct implement strategies to correct it in the most cost efficient manner. In principle an effective, realistic and practical cooperation and coordination structure is essential for the efficient implementation of an enhanced facilitation, coaching, assessment and facilitation system.

At this stage, one should to realize that the formulated hypothesis are essentially theoretically orientated. However, most of the hypothesis stated have been thoroughly tested on a limited scale (during past 33 years of applied research) and the results are very promising for a comprehensive implementation of these hypothesis on a national scale.

The following hypothesis serve as a guideline to create, establish and direct the strategy for the successful implementation of an enhanced assessment, coaching and facilitation system on a national level.

National Body:

The founding and structuring of a national body, should be initiated as soon as possible, to establish and maintain a responsible and efficient cooperation and coordination structure on a national level to protect and maintain applicable facilitation, counselling, education and training standards via objective and accountable assessments AND feedback.

Considering the challenges lying ahead and the present politicization of labour, education and training, it is unthinkable to develop and implement any assessment and facilitation structure, without a national body that is non-governmental in nature, and that could act as a watch dog to ensure the upholding of standards as presently protected by the Bill of Rights.

Once the National body is founded and operational the following secondary problems could be addressed: The lack of proper cooperation and coordination; Unnecessary duplication of life and career orientation activities; The wasting of financial resources; Unnecessary duplications of information and Unfounded professional jealousy.

Technological Supported Career and Life Orientation (facilitation) program

With the support of a computer and modern technology, the developed AltanaESP Network assessment and facilitation System, could accommodate (balance) the large numbers of people needing quality facilitation services, versus the limited specialist personnel that can offer such services, in an accountable manner.

Time consuming routine tasks could be performed by the computer and internet network, leaving the specialist or facilitator or coach (i.e locksmith) free to attend to more important individualized issues. Such a structure are based on a principle of responsible and accountable interaction between man and technology, where technology primarily deals with the quantity and man (specialist/facilitator/coach) primarily deals with the quality, customization and individualization of facilitation, counselling or orientation services offered to individuals.

In this manner a process can be initiated to serve all, yet the process structure is flexible enough to accommodate specific individual needs. When a technological supported life and career orientation program are implemented, the following problems would be addressed: The large number of people in need of quality career orientation services; The limited number of specialists to render quality career orientation services and the lack of funds to sustain quality services offered to those that really needs it.

Involvement of the Workplace

The purpose of the AltanaESP Network and System is to prepare all individuals to successfully follow a future life and career path or strategy. It is therefore unthinkable not to involve as many employers as possible, otherwise it may happen that all efforts may be futile, because expected requirements and demands are not met.

To involve as many employer organizations as possible, will only be beneficial to the network and system. It is therefore essential to be involve as an employer, in order to set relevant standards, parameters and/or criteria valid for life and career orientation activities within the AltanaESP Network System. Participation of employers (the workplace), could be encouraged in one of the following ways…

  • Direct Involvement: This implies an active participation in the established national body and taking part in the coordination and cooperation structure, determining present and future developments or strategies regarding life and career orientation. This type of participation is primarily reserved for major companies employing a large number of people and/or departments primarily involved in life and career orientation (facilitation, counselling or orientation) activities.
  • Indirect Involvement: The success of the AltanaESP Network and System is based on the relevancy, quality and accuracy of information that is contained within its structures. The world of work is constantly changing and it is difficult to keep such information constantly up to date. The principle behind this type of involvement is to create an information infrastructure (website or sites) that can be updated regularly and responsibility to keep a specific job and/or information section up to date and relevant.
  • Involvement on Assistance Level: With this level of participation there is no direct involvement at all. Participation at this level does not determine the final successful implementation of the developed program, but play an important role in terms of financial assistance and/or acceptance of the AltanaESP Network and System.

If the workplace could be involved in the manner as explained above, the following secondary problems will be addressed: Tremendous variety of informational needs and keeping it up to date, The trade off principle will be accommodated and dealt with in a broader context and the ripple effect will be sustained more effectively.

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