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Research Activities

SASCEC commence with part time research activities in 1981 and since 1983 continue with full-time research. The primary aim of research was, and still is, as follows…

  • FIRSTLY, to understand the dynamics of self-empowerment, psyche management, counselings, coaching, facilitation and and acquiring life/coping skill orientation as a holistic and integrated whole …and…
  • SECONDLY, to identify critical factors that influence the successful formulation, development, construction and implementation of strategic solutions for life orientation and career counselling problems as presently experienced in South Africa.

Ever since applied research commenced in 1981, the practical manifestation of counselling and life orientation practices with regards to the world of work, have been observed, monitored and evaluated to record and note changes, requirements, demands and developments that took place in recent years.

Considering the many social, political and economical changes – especially since the elections of 1994 – that occur since research commenced in 1981, it is quite obvious that the critical counselling situation of thirty three years ago, intensified considerably and could actually be regarded as a crisis at the present moment. When something is not done soon (preferably immediately), the consequences may be of such a destructive nature, that there is little hope of ever correcting present and future problems efficiently.

With the present applied research program, undertaken at SASCEC, extreme caution is exercised to avoid the pitfalls of formulating theoretical solutions to problems as experienced. Thus, the main purpose of the applied research methodology followed was, still is and will be in future, to identify problems and by making use of a theoretical approach and scientific (generic) models to develop a realistic or practical implementable solution. In this manner one could effectively identify critical factors that influence (either in a negative or positive manner) life and career counselling/facilitation/coaching program implementations, and to combine the results in such a manner, that a practical implementation of formulated hypothesis are cost effectively possible and actively promote self-empowerment and psyche management strategies.

Up to now a wide range of research problem areas were addressed and the research information contained on the SASCEC web site only scratches the surface of that which has already been done by numerous individuals. Discussions of or the providing of finer details regarding all past and present research activities and results in the fields of psychology, education and training; are time consuming and serve little purpose to initiate change or establish a more efficient facilitation/coaching infra structure or system. Therefore, only the key areas of research undertaken by SASCEC and results obtained, are dealt with on the SASCEC website.

Interconnected, related and relevant research projects, results and efforts will merely be referenced by providing the appropriate links.

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