Basic SASCEC Assumption

The AltanaESP Network and AltanaESP System were mainly developed as a reference platform, a knowledge base and Future Shock idea repository for those people that are interested in enhancing their present circumstances, understand that personal development is essential for growth and wish to actively contribute by sharing experiences, knowledge and information to make the world […]

Climate is the FOCUS of change

Today many people often use the phrase “times are changing“, especially when things didn’t happen as planned or as expected. Unfortunately, when asked what is really changing, most people are at a lost for words and find it quite difficult – if not impossible – to describe what the change is they are referring to. […]

The Challenge

Many people often ask themselves the question… “If it is really worth all the trouble?” to accommodate all the strategies and management principles, styles and methodologies for dealing with change in modern times. The answer to this question is that it depends… it depends on the circumstances (i.e. environmental context) and whether a person tends […]